Business Savings

Business Savings

Be prepared for tomorrow by saving and investing today. Our savings accounts help you earn the highest possible yield depending on how often you need to access your cash.

SBG Business Savings* SBG Commercial Money Market* CDs

Earn interest with a competitive rate that adjusts to market conditions

Monthly statement

Six (6) free withdrawals per month

Tiered interest rate structure:

  • $500-$49,999
  • $50,000-$249,999
  • $250,000 or more

Monthly statement

Terms of 30 days to 60 months

Auto renewable at the current rate

Maintenance Fee

Avoid the monthly maintenance fee of $10.00 by maintaining a $1,000 minimum daily balance

Avoid the $10 monthly maintenance fee by maintaining a $2,500 minimum daily balance


Minimum to Open




*Federal regulations limit the transactions allowed on this account. Withdrawals and/or transfers are limited to six per month. Violations of these restrictions will result in closure of this account.

Additionally, there is an excessive withdrawal fee of $5 per transaction for all withdrawals or transfers in excess of six per month, regardless of if the transfer is made in person or by some other manner.