Business Banking

When business opportunities arise, you will find that local loan decision-making means a quicker availability of funds. State Bank of Georiga offers your business a variety of options linking it all together.

Business Checking

You know that business efficiency requires overhead. And if you eliminate ongoing checking fees with State Bank of Georiga's business checking accounts, you're off to a good start.

Business Savings

Put your money to work for you. State Bank of Georgia offers impressive rates to help your money grow.

State Bank of Georgia Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts grow your money while offering a safe investment for your money.

Remote Capture Xpress

Make check deposits for your business online, right from your desk. Remote Capture Xpress Deposit is a new web-based system that allows businesses to make check deposits from an office computer without having to bring the checks to the bank.

Business Loans

As community bankers, the business specialists at State Bank of Georgia go out of their way to support the needs and success of community businesses. Since they have experience in the local area and markets, they can offer useful suggestions to help reduce your company's costs and risks.

Online Banking

Access your accounts at your convenience any time for free. Check account balances and make transfers between accounts.